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How Pando’s Leader Board Analytics Boosted the Sales of a Seed Company’s New Products 360° Leader Board

Considered to be a global leader in tropical and subtropical corn, this seed company holds leading positions in many regions in corn, forage and grain sorghum, sunflower, canola, rice and vegetables. Our flagship product Pando helped them in boosting the sales of their new products through effective and efficient Leader Board Analytics and predictions. With the launch of their new products, this seed company was looking for a seamless process to launch them in the right segment. To meet the same brief, we initiated a detailed study of their product life cycle, its stages and then devised a robust marketing strategy for them. We focussed on extrapolating all the criticalities before reaching to the farmers with their new products. Because it is vital to pay attention to every extension tactic for reaching farmer is unique and right approach determines desired outcomes. To achieve the goal of driving their new product adoption in a specific segment, we decided to combine decisive parameters into Pando’s 360* Leader Board, based on automated weightages specific to product stage and markets. Through this approach, we helped them in tracking the kind of efforts and outreach for each of their new products in various markets and helped them in achieving expected sales targets.

By devising a befitting go-to-market strategy for the seed company, we could help them in translating the performance of their new products to farmers. Also, our focussed marketing endeavours helped them in establishing their new products in the right segment.

360º Leaderboard

Automating Last Mile Review

"Activity Rate"

7.4 Activities / Field Force / Day

"Product Focus"

95% Achievement


5X Farmer touch points