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How PANDO helped for improving dietary diversity in Telangana households by introducing Nutri-Food Basket Last Mile Delivery

Many tribal households in Telangana are still facing nutrient deficiency due to a lack of balanced, nutrition-rich diets. To curb its long term damage, the Commissionerate of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Telangana funded a seamless transition of these tribal households from deficient diets to diverse nutritional diets.

Through this project, the tribal population was provided rich supplements of Nutri-Food Basket (NFB) which improved the existing diets. It also improved the dietary diversity and overall nutritional intake which reduced underweight among children. Furthermore, it also improved the haemoglobin levels of the anaemic population.

Nutri-Food Basket (NFB) was introduced to tribal households of Utnoor mandal of Adilabad district, Tiryani mandal of Komaram Bheem-Asifabad district and Kasipet mandal of Mancherial district in Telangana with the aid of PANDO.

The target population had to be provided four customized nutritious food products (2 meal and 2 snack) like Multigrain meal, sorghum meal, Nutri Cookies and Energy Dense Nutrient Food (meal serve 150g cooked product and snack 20-50 g per serving). However, tracking them and activating their outreach was a major bottleneck for the team. These products had to be supplied as a breakfast with the help of Anganwaris. To mitigate it, the products being bar and batch coded for utilization, shelf life and monitoring of quality parameters. However, the daily vitals of the population needed robust, digital records to ease the daily operations of the supervisors. PANDO, the flagship product of Kisangates was utilized to overcome this challenge.

More than 18 supervisors could easily monitor the supply of food products, take attendance of the beneficiaries at Anganwaris and track their vitals with the help of PANDO's intuitive leaderboards.

Around 5800 individuals (including pregnant women, lactating women, adolescent girls and children (2-5 yrs) were benefitted from this project.

Through consistent tracking of vitals of the population with the assistance of PANDO, seamless supply of products by Nutri-Food Basket, the tribal population of Telangana could transition from nutrition deficit diets to balanced ones and thereby increase their haemoglobin levels and overcome underweight.