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How to Make a Successful Digital Transformation of Your Seed Company?

Posted on November 06 2020 / seed company

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the tables on all the prognostications that were made for the five years and the bigger picture. Every sector has witnessed its impact which even includes agriculture. India is mainly an agrarian country and more than 50% of its populace is employed by agriculture and they are the cusp of adopting digital tools for their commerce. Whether you are associated with an agro-business or helm a seed company, a digital strategy is the need of the hour for your corporation to thrive.

In India as well as across the globe, technology has become synonymous to agriculture. Data science, and particularly, agro-informatics is being widely employed to meet the challenges that various seed companies are facing on the ground. At Kisangates, we have assisted seed companies to withstand all the uncertainties on the ground with the digital insights of Pando. Drawing from the same, these are a few principles that you must keep in mind to effectively undertake the digital transformation of your seed company:

Prioritise the End-User

For any seed company, the last mile field force is critical. Because they represent as well as grow your business. Take note of their challenges, equip them with digital solutions like Pando so that they can quickly adapt to the changes in the field. Comprehensively, these measures would ensure that your field force is satisfied, digitally aware and they would walk extra miles for your seed company then.

Rely on Real-Time, Accurate Data

Seasons are dynamic and the markets have followed its suit owing to the disruption that social distancing has caused. Hence, it can get difficult to find real-time insights, data to make the next move for your distribution, production. By aligning intuitive digital solutions, you could centrally access data on your campaigns, outreach and accordingly realign a strategy that is effective and efficient.

Choose What Matters

In many scenarios, a seed company has too much information lined up in the meetings. It results in unwanted deliberation, wastage of man-hours. In order to curb it, sharp insights, real-time data and analysis of dire parameters of the field are crucial. Choose a digital platform that offers custom solutions for your seed company, that way, you would save your time, resources.

Avoid Over Analysis

For constructive decision making, too much data can prove to be overwhelming. It can not only affect the workflows of your products, strategy of your on-field force but also lead to analysis paralysis. By digitally outsourcing the same with the aid of agro-informatics platforms, you could streamline the processes of your seed company.

Include Incentives

At the end of the day, outcomes, success and the reputation of your seed company will be directly proportional to the well-being and morale of your field force. Hence, it is important to generously reward them against their deliverables and make them feel valued.
By following these basic principles, you would be able to make the day to day, long-term processes, goals of your seed company more aligned to the vision of your company for the next decade and the new normal, more so.