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How Pando's All-New Leaderboard Assists Seed Companies

Posted on March 26 2021 / Rural Last Mile

Despite the rapid digitalization of agriculture, one of the rampant bottlenecks that our sector faces is a significant dearth of a consolidated agri-tech platform for seed companies. As per the report by BCG, although innovation has led the growth of agriculture of India, large agro-input companies dealing with seed and crop protection have been still grappling with lack of innovation. Apart from the challenges that any seed company faces on the ground, there is a concerning absence of an agritech platform to assist seed companies. To address this gap, we have introduced an all-intuitive, updated leaderboard of our flagship product Pando.

Pando has not only strengthened the field operations for seed corporations of various sizes but also has also helped in recalibrating the broken agricultural extension in India. Additionally, through its digital solutions, various agro-companies have been able to streamline their efficiency, chart better profitability. Moreover, with Pando’s on-demand channels we have significantly helped companies for increasing their revenues and plummet their cost-to-serve for hyperlocal markets.

An advanced update on Pando’s leaderboard would further accelerate our endeavours would allow us to assist some of the most coveted seed corporations in a better way. Take a look at the key highlights of Pando’s all-new leaderboard on that note:

Conveniently Rank Field Forces & Ensure Product Coverage
Measuring the performance of your on-ground talent is difficult. Add to it the process of understanding the product outreach. Pando's newly updated Leaderboard lets you get the data for both of these verticals of your seed company.

Track Farmer Outreach Round the Clock
Worried about losing on farmer outreach and tracking? Pando's newly introduced, advanced Leaderboard will give you all their live updates. Whether you have farmer outreach planned in the remotest villages of India or just around the metropolitans, in either way, Pando’s leaderboard would ease your on-field operations with consistent trackability.

Assess Your Team’s Activities and Presence from Anywhere
Now easily keep a note on the efficiency, deliverables and presence of your field forces in one go. Here's introducing Pando'a all-new Leaderboard that gives you round the clock data on your team, their productivity and more. One of the key reasons behind integrating this feature with the leaderboard was to make it work as a comprehensive, self-sustaining platform that shares real-time insights round the clock. If your seed company is experiencing a challenge on the tracking front, our new leaderboard shall resolve it for you.

With these three key features in place, Pando’s intuitive leaderboard is equipped to smoothen all the on-field as well analytical challenges being faced by your seed corporation. Consistent reliance on Pando’s real time insights would consequently enable a seamless digital transformation of your seed business. To better equip your venture for the uncertainties of climate change, pandemic and more, sign up for Pando’s free starter package now!