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How Agri-Tech can Assist in Creating a Greater Social Impact?

Posted on June 16 2021 / Kisangates in Agro Tech

Technology has rapidly brought more advancement to agriculture, both in India and across the globe. It has also impacted the environment in various degrees. But through consolidation, adherence to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations, agri-tech industry can create a better future for agriculture and thereby strike some equilibrium between agriculture and the environment. At Kisangates , we have been contributing to these goals with the help of agro-informatics and data.

Agriculture is our prime source of food supply and it needs to be approached with fresh methods to ensure that it remains viable - today as well in the long term. Although the inception of agriculture dates back to more than 12,000 years, it has witnessed a series of overhauls and continues to be a significant part of our day to day lives.

With an increase in population, pollution, climate change, agriculture had to take a toll in terms of sowing, harvest, fertilization. Comprehensively, these processes called for various adaptations. This has decreased efficiency and output on fields. In order to navigate these challenges, agri-tech effectively employs IoT (Internet of things) and many latest innovations to ensure that efficient technologies are being introduced in agriculture. For instance, with the help of agro-informatics, more specially tools like PANDO, farmers, on-field vendors, dealers are connected to relevant seed-companies. This simplifies sowing, quality seed procurement and helps in creating better visibility for the harvest. It also builds a bridge between agriculture and the environment through intuitive use of insights, data, fetched from the field.

On a larger scale, through agri-tech, farmers can remain more connected with key manufacturers, know the latest trends, seeds, and production methods. This prevents waste of time, resources and boosts productivity. When farmers reap more output through innovations like agro-informatics, they take more note of sustainable solutions and thus unite in forming new processes that are more environmentally friendly and community-first. Moreover, agri-tech also helps in decreasing the losses due to lack of insights, local awareness - it creates a direct link between farmers, vendors, dealers and seed corporations.

While the agri-tech industry may be growing and could appear relatively new to naysayers, it is certain that it would contribute in building a better, brighter and sustainable future for agriculture and humankind. It might not urgently succeed in bridging the gaps, reducing the waste of time, resources but it has initiated change at ground level through intuitive, sustainable use of data. That marks a hopeful beginning and an optimistic existence of agriculture in years to come.

We have been following sustainable development goals by trying to fix the agricultural extension in India. To know more about our vision, do visit our website or write to us at admin@kisangates.com