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Insights from our Bright Interns at Kisangates

Posted on Septmber 16 2020 / In Kisangates

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. - Steve Jobs

Interns are the backbone of every company. With their passion, drive and willingness to walk extra miles, they become catalysts for every project that they take up. At Kisangates, it was our pleasure to work with a few of the brightest minds. Despite being an internship, a stint that passes by like a breeze for many, they followed the mantra of Steve Jobs and strived to deliver impeccable results. Their heartwork, professionalism and sincerity undoubtedly moved the Kisangates team.

Before they bid us a farewell, we wanted to document and cherish all the great work our interns did at Kisangates. Let’s read all about the journey of Pooja, Lalitha, Soundarya, Priyadarshana and Nikita then?

For Pooja, an internship at Kisangates proved to be very productive. She dexterously worked on various projects ranging from the ones on Indian Agri-Input Sector Analysis, Farm equipment till the analysis of African agri-tech startups. An MBA in the making, Pooja also tried her hands on Canva and the insightful analogies of our Founder, Pradeep and the team, made her internship all the more memorable! We admire her inclination to quickly learn and execute strategies.

On the other hand, Priyadarshana learnt a lot about input marketing while working on agro-input sector analysis. She got hands-on knowledge about agro-businesses while framing go-to marketing strategy. Her interpersonal skills improved as well while working with other super-charged interns and she is all inspired to excel her post-graduation in agri-business management now! Her knack to learn it all is something that we will always cherish.

Nikita feels that her internship at Kisangates has proved to be life-changing. She poured her heart and mind in gauging agro district data maps, crop nutrition analysis of Africa and also monitored the impact of COVID-19 on the agricultural input sector. Most importantly, Nikita picked up all the nuances of team management, personal development, problem solving and analysis. We are so sure that she would excel her post-graduation in agri-business management with flying colours!

Kisangates proved to be the dream startup to work with for Lalitha. She brilliantly studied and extrapolated Asian agri-tech startups and worked on various digital marketing tools as well. By interning with us, she also realized the importance of teamwork and delegation. Moreover, Lalitha also learnt about sales and she would like to put all the learnings to good use by launching her own startup one day. Owing to Lalitha’s sharp acumen, we already know that her startup would succeed.

Soundarya’s enthusiasm matched the electrifying will of our team. Her meticulous approach to know all about bio agri input market, rural agriculture marketing, sales, agri-input sector made her stint with Kisangates all the more edifying. Despite the challenges of a remote internship, Soundarya proactively collaborated with all her colleagues, fellow interns and made camaraderie for life. Her zeal, go-getter attitude and willingness to do it all will be the wind beneath her wings - we can surely second this as Soundarya is all set to excel an MBA!

Apart from the notable work that all our gifted interns did at Kisangates, the fact that they could find mentors in the team and Pradeep makes our mission of creating a thriving culture at Kisangates gratifying.

We look forward to collaborating with more brilliant minds and positively transforming their lives while they prep to disrupt agri-tech sector for better.