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Understanding Agro Informatics and the Way it is Transforming Agriculture

Posted on Septmber 18 2020 / agro informatics

When we look back at the 19th and 20th century, agriculture saw the paradigm shifts through mechanical, chemical and biological revolutions. In the 21st century, we have realized the potential of information, access. This has paved a path for data revolution which is all set to disrupt agriculture and optimize it.

Through the data revolution, agriculture has seen a plethora of innovations that were introduced by processing messy data into actionable information. Further, agro-informatics has played a pivotal role in bringing about that change through the data revolution.

Understanding Agro Informatics

Mainly, agro informatics is the science of agricultural information, agricultural information processing and information systems. Agro informatics is all about applying breakthrough ideas, scientific techniques and knowledge of computer science in agriculture. It mainly connects information technology with the management, analysis and application of agricultural data.

Through agro informatics, various domains like artificial intelligence, neural networks, decision support system, geographic information system, genetic algorithm, programming languages are intertwined to develop robust software that makes agriculture more equipped, accessible and predictable for the digital age in which we are living.

The Importance of Agro Informatics

In this day and age, agro informatics is essential for various reasons, a few of which include food security, agriculture sustainability, bio-energy, environmental research, natural resource conservation, carbon accounting, global climate change, commodity trading, economy research, education, health research, policy formation, decision making et al. Also referred to as e-agriculture, agro informatics provides better technology dissemination, information delivery and agricultural services to make agriculture more efficient. Across the last decade, various development and research endeavours have been initiated to put the potential of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into its full use to improve production, the efficiency of agriculture and improve sustainable development. Agro informatics has linked agriculture systems, sustainable development and has allowed the adoption of disruptive technologies to foray into agriculture.

Extrapolating Agro Informatics

On a global stage, agro informatics as a discipline has also focussed on educating and activating intelligent human resources to lead its way. With their aid, processes like development, conceptualization, deployment, management of farmer-centric intelligent supply chains, environment-oriented interventions have seen the light of the day. By far and large, the aforementioned processes contributed to creating and managing sustainable agricultural systems.

Even in India, agro informatics is increasingly being adopted. Further, it has seamlessly improved various agro-industrial areas like food management, supply chain management, integrated trade, security using technologies.

Agriculture is one of the main concerns of India and it is also vital for its development. Agro informatics would not only create more employment on the field, at the back end but also help farmers. Because there are still millions of farmers with meagre holdings that are still not aware of modern methods of cultivation and data can help them. In this way, agro informatics can also help them in simplifying and mitigating challenges like that of drought, disease, heat, cold, insect, pest infestations through data extrapolation and predictions.

Furthermore, as per IRA, agro informatics also improves agricultural input and output systems, value chain of agriculture, supply chain models, agrosystems, technology and food security and thereby drives innovations in agriculture space, social development and economical aspects.

The Road Ahead for Agro Informatics

Smart agriculture built on the strong foundation of agro informatics is effective in developing sustainable agricultural systems. From gauging humidity, soil, temperature till umpteen variables, the analysis derived from agro informatics is never unreliable.

In a developing country like ours, agro informatics is vital to make agriculture future-ready. Understanding the need for the same, at Kisangates, we have innovated an intuitive platform like Pando that has bridged various on-field, information gaps for agro companies as well as intelligent on-field operators.

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